Everything you need to know as a Resident

Being a resident on one of our developments means you have peace of mind that your communal areas are looked after.

Maintenance issues

If you have a maintenance issue at your development please get in touch so we can help resolve the issue. Remember, Hobdens are only responsible for the communal part of the development, if the issue is inside your property you will be responsible for any repairs required.

To report a maintenance issue, please e-mail us at info@hobdensmanage.co.uk and provide us much detail as possible.

If however you prefer to speak to one of our team, our Customer Services team are available to assist you with your concerns, you can contact them during working hours using the number below.

If you have an emergency issue outside of working hours, please dial our contact number below. You will be directed to our dedicated emergency out of hours team who will help to resolve the problem being experienced.

Service Charge

Living on a managed development means you will be required to pay a service charge.  The service charge is necessary to ensure that communal facilities are managed and maintained for everybody living on your development.  Your lease or transfer document will detail the service charge for your property.  If you have any queries regarding your lease or transfer and the service charge, we would recommend speaking to your solicitor.

Information relating to the service charge for the development can be found by clicking the read more button.

Useful Links

Alteration Request

You may need to request permission for any alterations to your property. Your lease or transfer will advise you if you need to seek permission to make changes.  Simply click the link below to complete the alteration consent application process and one of our team will assist you with the process.

Make an alteration

Amend Property Details

If you need  to correct any errors or make changes to your personal details that we hold on your account you will need to request and complete an Amend Property details form by clicking the link below.  When completing the information section, if you are subletting your property please make a note to highlight that you are subletting. Our team will be in touch to make the changes needed once the form has been submitted

Amend Property Details

Your Rights & Responsibilities

Living within a shared community has many obligations and responsibilities.  These are usually detailed within your lease/transfer and are designed to ensure that all properties on the development can enjoy their properties.

Your rights and responsibilities


For leasehold properties it is common that building insurance is provided as part of the service charge.  Your Lease will outline the insurance arrangements for your home.  Contents insurance is the responsibility of the homeowner.  Your property manager will be able to answer any additional questions you have about the building’s insurance for your development.

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Ground rent

Many leasehold properties will be required to pay a groundrent ot the landowner/freeholder.  Hobdens provide the collection service for many of their clients and will issue the payment request for the ground rent.

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Making a complaint

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. If you need to make a complaint and have already been in contact with your property manager, we would request that you follow our formal complaints procedure that can be found below

Complaints Procedure