Lease & Legal

The lease is the starting point for managing any leasehold property and they can often be confusing documents. As part of the service we provide, we can assist by,

  • Advising on interpretation of covenants within the lease
  • Handling breaches of the lease (including such matters as parking, noise, pets and unauthorised alterations) implementing enforcement action where necessary
  • Handling applications for consent from leaseholders to alter their property, as required by their lease. (A separate fee is charged for handling these applications, which is payable by the leaseholder)

In addition, Hobdens will

  • Upon sales of units, handle pre-contract solicitors enquiries regarding the lease and the property. (separate fee applies)
  • Deal with Assignments, Deeds of Covenant and Deeds of Variation where applicable (separate fees apply)
  • Assist with formation of Right to Manage Companies (separate fee applies)

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